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    Why Websites Can’t Survive Without SEO

    Business people planning a marketing strategy
    Business people planning a marketing strategy

    SEO started off as the typical industry buzzword and many assumed it would fade away into obscurity in a few years. Come 2021, it’s one of the most heavily sought-after service, with search engines heavily outlining its strategies to help people adopt it for a better and more efficient searching process.

    From outsourcing companies, off the shelf tools and dedicated businesses to help other businesses grow, SEO is a complete entity and a viable business that many are taking full-on. Now, businesses will fall behind and take a hit if they don’t adopt search engine optimization strategies. Here’s why:

    It Helps Earn More Traffic

    There are an estimated 1.7 billion websites on the internet. How does one manage to find a particular website, product or service among them if they don’t have an exact address? How does the search engine narrow down from its database to retrieve only those pages that are relevant to your search?

    Woman use of smart phone over traffic background
    A person typing on phone


    SEO. It defines the metrics that you need to focus on to be picked up by the search engine as the appropriate result for a query on the internet. Ideally, if your website’s SEO is strong, you’re more likely to generate more traffic as the search engine will refer it to a larger number of people.

    Better User Experience

    SEO isn’t entirely about keywords, and search engines like Google also focus on a variety of on-site factors that help make the user experience better. Page load speeds, mobile-friendliness and the kind of links used on the page and across the content all contribute to better rankings on the search engine.


    With more people using phones than ever, it’s essential to have a website that can easily be viewed over a 6’’ phone screen. Similarly, if you’ve got long loading times, expect a higher bounce rate, which Google certainly doesn’t like.

    Web marketing managers with gadgets working on paid search and SEO strategies, closeup of hands
    A business official going over SEO statistics.

    Staying Competitive

    As previously stated, SEO is one of the key ways how a website can get some recognition from the search engine, so it’s more than likely that your competitors are onboard with it. You’re all competing for market share and having SEO is bound to get more eyes on you.

    To stay relevant and compete and against others, you’ll have to incorporate search engine optimization on your keywords as well as your on-site elements for the best results.

    Get more traffic to your website with versatile solutions for every step of your SEO journey.

    Developing Credibility

    A common strategy that businesses are now utilizing is developing blogs on their websites that provide insightful content. These blogs are packed with useful internal and external links. Firstly, they generate traffic to your webpages that are of interest to your general demographic. By adding external links, you’ll see ranking improvements as Google or any other search index understands that you regularly point towards credible sources.

    In turn, you’ll be considered a credible source within your niche as well, pushing you from promoting others to advocating for ideas within your industry as well.

    Less Need for Ad Space

    Advertising is without a doubt a powerful industry and the bread and butter for many companies. But it isn’t the most effective solution, especially not from a cost perspective if you’re an up and coming business. Rather than go for a pay per click campaign, which may require a great deal of research to specify and target, you can find yourself ranking right after most PPC pages.

    All you need is a competent SEO campaign which recognizes your services and products as relevant for a search in a specific region and you can practically gain a good audience without spending any more money.
    Uncover Your Competitor’s PPC Strategy

    Easy to Measure

    How do you measure your success? By numbers, and in the field of SEO, they’re known as Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. SEO has many KPIs, and each of them dictates a different aspect. SEO traffic (organic or through a paid campaign), page views, average time to new content, keyword ranking and domain authority are some of the most commonly focused on KPIs.


    While most campaigns focus on targeting a multitude of KPIs, you can run smaller campaigns if you notice you’re struggling in one particular aspect that’s more crucial to your business.

    Run a Full Website Scan in Minutes

    About the Author

    The writer of this post is a part of the research team and a regular contributor to Urban Pixel. He writes extensively about search engine optimization, digital marketing and growth on the online landscape. You can check out the site for content on online marketing, SEO and industry info that brings you all the latest news and updates so you can successfully grow your business online. Check out their affiliate marketing guide to get going. 


    Creating Content for Your Social Media Campaign with Canva

    Creating Content for Your Social Media Campaign with Canva
    Creating Content for Your Social Media Campaign with Canva

    Brands are constantly using social media to interact with their customers, running their campaigns and staying relevant at all times. Images and videos are the dominating content these days with the kind of retention they offer as compared to text, which has its own benefits. Here’s how Canva is helping people create content more easily and efficiently:

    Creating Content for Your Social Media Campaign with Canva

    Create Brand Kit

    Most brands don’t use the entire spectrum of colors for their branding material, promotional posts or other published content in general. There’s a specific theme that they generally abide by which they consistently use. This applies for the fonts they use, either for their logo, its subtext and the marketing material.

    Rather than having to second guess through a list each time, Canva allow you to create a brand kit where you can store your brand’s fonts and colors for easy access. Convenient and consistent design made easy with a simple tool.

    Templates to Get You Started

    Not a pro at designing? Not to worry. Canva’s community is fairly strong, coming up with unique content on a regular basis. Much of it is publicly available for others to use. You can find seasonal and topical designs and easily use them to create something for your needs.

    Take a preexisting template and make changes to it, allowing you to modify nearly every aspect to truly hone the design and make it yours. Even if you’re a design expert, a template can be much better than starting off with a clean canvas.

    Creating Content for Your Social Media Campaign with Canva
    Photo by Firmbee.com on Unsplash

    Designed to Fit

    Different social media platforms have different dimensions for the kind of post that they allow. Within those platforms, there are further options. For example, an Instagram story has a 1080 x 1920 dimension while its posts have 1080 x 1080 size. Creating a general design will either cause the images to look bad, misshapen or might not fit at all on the platform you’re using it for.

    Canva is aware of this, and it allows you to pick the kind of post you’re going for with different options for each social media. You can resize content to ensure it looks fit for the native dimension the post offers.

    If you’re looking for more information about Canva and other tools to help you stay on top of your brand design game, Urban Pixel has all you need. We provide a variety of content on affiliate marketing, SEO and other tips and tricks that’s insightful and effective for your product and business marketing strategies.

    Canva allows you to create content that fits the screen, offers template to start easily with a brand kit to help create consistent projects.

    Canva Tools That Will Help You Design Better


    Canva is one of the most sought-after design tools on the market. Available as a web application and a dedicated app for Windows, iOS, and the Apple app store, getting started with Canva is extremely convenient. With a strong, interactive community providing support, you will exactly know why you should use Canva and how it makes the design better. Canva has continually improved with templates and designs that allow you to create unique and captivating designs for your brand:

    design-work-computer Image alt text: Design work being done on a computer.

    Canva Brand Kit

    A common mistake that most new designers and smaller brands make is inconsistent design. While design certainly calls for some change from time to time, specific things like background of images, text and subtitle fonts often stay the same. Brands operate within a certain palette, especially professional ones that focus on clarity.

    Design work being done on multiple computers

    Canva’s brand kit allows you to save up a palette of the most used colors for your brand, along with a few of your most commonly used fonts. Ensure that you’re using the exact colors and fonts each time for a consistent design across the board.

    The Color Wheel

    Color is an important element when designing, helping give objects and text a definition among the image and allowing them to stand out. If you’re struggling to pick a color, you can easily shuffle between various types by using the color wheel. Mixing and matching colors has never been easier.

    You can also find their hex codes, which makes it simple to always get the correct color.

    Background Removal Tool

    How often does it happen that you find an amazing image but there’s something in the background that ruins the entire outlook of the image? Either someone photobombed it or it just doesn’t compliment the foreground really well. In either case, the easiest solution is to remove the background, but anyone that knows a thing or two about editing will say how that’s often too tedious.

    Canva Pro has a one-click tool that uses AI to do the job in a few seconds. For more specific edits, you can use the eraser for an excellent result down to the minute details.

    If you’re looking for more information about Canva and other tools to help you stay on top of your brand design game, Urban Pixel has all you need. We provide a variety of content on affiliate marketing, SEO and other tips and tricks that’s insightful and effective for your product and business marketing strategies.

    Take Your Website to The Next Level with Elfsight


    Take Your Website to The Next Level with Elfsight

    A common mistake made by various designers and businesses is going with dull website that’s mostly text and images. While the standard formula can help create an effective website, widgets allow the designers to add an unprecedented level of functionality to your website. 

    The most commonly used application for this is Elfsight, which has a plethora of widgets that businesses are using to promote their products and services in unique ways.

    Instagram Feed

    Instagram’s popularity in recent years has been soaring far and wide among image-focused social media platforms. With its new marketplace-like features, it’s a great way of generating revenue by using eye-catching images to hook customers in. Rather than add a link to your Instagram that people might not even open, add your feed onto your website. 

    Instagram feed on phone. Image filename- instagram-feed-phone

    Users can easily interact and scroll through the feed with the Elfsight Instagram Feed plugin, which can take them onto your Instagram page. More views mean better engagement stats, eventually leading to more sales overall.

    All-In-One Reviews

    How do people decide that a product or service is worth buying? Reviews. And not just word of mouth from a paid influencer, but real people with actual experiences across different platforms. Instead of making people do some sleuthing on multiple websites, use the all-in-one reviews widget which brings in reviews from across different sites. 

    User writing a review Image filename: User writing a review.

    It also comes with a convenient “write a review” button, which can captivate your recent customers to leave behind honest feedback on your product or service.

    All-In-One Chat

    Many people shirk away from acquiring a service or a product because they don’t receive the complete information they need from its page. While you can’t add every bit of info about something on a page, you can always cater to your potential customer’s query. Elfsight’s all in one chat feature makes that job easier than ever.

    They can reach out to you on your platform of choice in a few clicks, streamlining the conversation between you two. Users are more likely to purchase a product when they speak to a real human about it.

    At Urban Pixel, we curate a variety of content on affiliate marketing, SEO and the applications that help make your websites and marketing campaigns more effective and appealing. From guides, reviews to recommendations, you can find all you need on our website.

    Elfsight’s Instagram Feed, All-In-One Reviews and All-In-One Chat widgets can make your website excellent.

    Making the Most Out of SEMRush

    Search engine home page
    Search engine home page

    SEMRush is one of the most effective SEO tools available on the market. In 2021, having a tool for SEO is a no-brainer, as these can help you stay relevant in the growing market around you. Your competitor is probably on-board with it already, so should you to ensure your business is accessible to your audience.

    Keyword Research

    One of the top features of SEMRush is the keyword research that it helps provide with its organic word search. Simply enter your domain name to find keywords ranked organically. Later on, rather than focus on the top ranked keywords, the goal is to emphasize on the long-tail keywords that you can find on page 2 and beyond in the organic search. These aren’t generating traffic to your site, but with optimization strategy, can be meaningful for your pages.

    Image filename: ranking-stats
    Image alt text: Ranking stats on computer screen.

    Similarly, look up your competitor and see what keywords they’re utilizing. Remove the branded ones and incorporate the rest in your content.

    Competitor Analysis

    To be a formidable name in the market, you need to trump your opponents. Your opponents are other businesses operating within the same niche. The easiest way to find out who they are is by adding your domain to SEMRush and looking at other pages that are using the keywords that you’re ranking for.

    From here, you can either look at their keywords to understand if they’re actually a competitor or manually go to each website for a better understanding. Using the backlink gap tool, you can get an idea of many of their SEO strategies so you know what to incorporate for your success.

    Link Building Tool

    Link building is an effective feature that helps you find the links that your competitors are using which you might not be referring to on your pages. SEMRush provides a great list of potential prospects with the help of your keywords, your competitor keywords and a search across the database.

    Ranking stats on a piece of paper. ranking-stats

    From there, you can find useful external links to include in your own content.

    At Urban Pixel, we curate a variety of content on affiliate marketing, SEO and the applications that help make your websites and marketing campaigns more effective and appealing. From guides, reviews to recommendations, you can find all you need on our website. We cover all aspects of the marketing game to help businesses do their best.


    Building A Relationship: People like to do business with those they KNOW and TRUST.

    Building A Relationship: People like to do business with those they KNOW and TRUST.

    Let’s take a look at another fundamental business truth:

    People like to do business with those they KNOW and TRUST

    Higher conversion rates on offers to your existing audience (list) are proven. Conversion rates through advertisements to ‘cold' prospects will always underperform in comparison. This is why it is imperative that you establish a quality relationship with your audience.

    The easiest solution is to provide a high-demand freebie first as a lead magnet to attract new prospects to your list. Once there, you will continue to offer freebies – inter-mixed with offers and promotions as a way to create value and build the relationship.

    A freebie will enable you to:

    1. Introduce your expertise to your audience.
    2. Promote offers to your audience.

    A great tactic for number 2 above is to use a ‘blending' technique that positions promotional offers inside free value-driven content.

    You will be able to engage your audience with ways to address their pain points while offering solutions with products and services that make you money. Following are examples of freebies that I have used over the years with solid success:

    Articles or blog posts.

    Articles can include just about any style or concept such as ‘how-to', overviews, tips, tactics, strategies, or anything else of interest to your audience. This is why it is important to know your audience, especially their pain points.

    Articles are a great way to engage your audience and deliver honest value.


    Reports are similar to articles but offer more structure and are greater in length. Focus on one specific problem or issue with each report. Prospects who absorb this content and find it useful are very likely to become customers. For example, you might write a nutrition report that tells dieters exactly what to eat to slim down and start feeling better.


    This freebie makes it easy for your prospects to take action on the information they've been learning about. For example, a business start-up toolkit might include a template for fliers or mailings, sales forms, or invoices.


    Your audience will place a high value on live events.
    This makes webinars an attractive freebie. The added benefit is that webinar recordings can be used as marketing tools. If you cannot manage a webinar on your own or lack sufficient content, you may explore partnering with an affiliate. More on this later.

    Case studies.

    This tactic provides information or details a plan about how to achieve a specific result. Because of the added benefit of social proof and inspiration, case studies are a proven tool to help promote a specific offer. For example, you can provide a case study showing how a marketer increased traffic using one specific strategy.

    Email courses.

    know several marketers who specialize in autoresponder email courses. The benefit of multi-part training segments as a freebie is that you do not have to create all the content before you can deliver value to your audience.
    Furthermore, over time you will be training your list subscribers to anticipate your value.

    Try this example: a 10-part e-course called “The 10 Secrets for Quickly Tripling Your Internet Traffic”, sent via autoresponder on a schedule of 1-2 segments per week.

    Cheat sheets.

    I use cheat sheets all the time to condense a more complex task down to a manageable procedure. Usually, just one page, cheat sheets are downloadable, printable PDFs that provide exceptional value. They are also evergreen and may be included with other offers or as additional content in your autoresponder.


    Probably one of the best tactics for interacting with your audience, newsletters can be sent on a weekly basis.
    Content can vary from training segments to human interest to industry news and product reviews, or anything that allows you to connect with your tribe. Autoresponders such as Aweber enable you to create great-looking HTML templates so your newsletter appears professional and hip.


    One of the best ways to build social proof and inspire your audience is the interview. Interview success stories are a phenomenal way to connect with people, build your brand, and encourage your audience to take action. Interviews combine social proof with value – a powerful 1-2 punch.

    In order to make the most of the freebie, you will need to know a few things first before you decide which strategies to use and how to structure your campaigns.

    8 Proven Steps to Maximizing Your Freebies

    What Is Semrush: Will It Leave Up To Your Expectations

    What Is Semrush- Will It Leave Up To Your Expectations

    There are now tools online that can help businesses get their visibility online, while also helping them discovering marketing insights. These tools have reports that are here to help every marketer that work in different services, including Campaign Management, Marketing Insights, Content Marketing, PR, Competitive Research, Keyword Research, SMM, PPC, and SEO. But one that is going around online is Semrush, but what is Semrush? Find out in our review below.

    What is Semrush

    What is Semrush

    Semrush is a product that can do all the information above. It will help you optimize your own website for search engine websites. 

    It was created in the year 2008 by Dmitry Melnikov and Oleg Shchegolev and now has a big user base. It has more than 7 million users and is currently one of the most popular SEO tools available today.

    Interface and Ease of Use of Semrush

    Semrush interface is similar to its competing products like Ahrefs and Moz, which comprises of a menu of options on the left side which you can use to access all the functionality on the right side.

    All the menu options are grouped in useful categories, including reporting, on-page SEO, rank tracking, link building, keyword research, and competitive research.

    There are still a lot of data to contend with, which can be overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to use the tool with ease.

    On the other hand, it would be best if Semrush’s interface can work in Smartphone. The reason behind this is because once you login to Semrush, you will get a standard desktop interface, which means that you will get a small text. You will get a lot of zooming and pinching. 

    Take a Trial and Get More Out of Semrush

    How Does Semrush Works

    Semrush Interface

    Semrush works by providing you information, which you can use to do the following:

    • Tweak technical aspects of the website content to help achieve a higher search ranking
    • Identify all the opportunities for link building
    • Create new website content that can attract traffic

    For instance, Semrush will give you keyword suggestions which are all based on the phrases that you will enter. The keyword suggestions will be used as the based for the content that you’ll be writing and are likely the ones that will perform well during search results.

    It can also help tell you on how hard it will be to rank for certain search phrases, while also suggesting the sites that may be worth approaching when it comes to backlinks. 

    Another good thing about Semrush is that it will let you perform SEO audit on your own website that will let you perform any technical improvements to help you achieve great search results.  

    20 Billion Keyword Opportunities, All
    at Your Fingertips!

    Features of Semrush

    Domain Analysis

    Majority of SEO projects today start with domain analysis, which means that getting a simple overview of the domain’s quality from an SEO’s point of view.

    You will usually perform a domain analysis either on your competitor’s website to see how hard it would be to outrank them, or on your own website if it needs any SEO improvements. 

    You may also perform a domain analysis on a website for you to be able to see if it’s worth it to approach the owner for a link from the owner’s site to yours. The reason behind this is because backlinks or external links from websites that are high quality can help boost the performance of your website in search.

    Performing a domain analysis in Semrush is easy, wherein all you have to do is enter the URL domain in the domain overview section and get the result on how your website or any website is performing.

    Metrics Provided

    • Authority score
    • Total number of guests to the website per month
    • The total number of backlinks
    • Total number of keywords the website ranks for
    • Anchor text used in links to the site
    • Top performing keywords
    • Competing websites
    • Display advertising stats

    All of these metrics are calculated based on the backlink data, website traffic dat, and organic search data. The authority score is a little buried in the interface of Semrush but has now been moved from the front and center of the overview section. This will provide you an information on what Semrush thinks of that specific domain.

    Keyword Research

    Semrush Keyword Research

    When it comes to keyword research, it is usually about the following:

    • Getting suggestions from the others
    • Finding who is already using and ranking that specific keyword
    • Establishing how hard it is to rank using that keyword
    • Determining how many people are looking for a specific keyword
    • Semrush will make it easier for you to find all of the information mentioned above. 

    All you have to do is enter the keyword that you need to research to Keyword Overview and you will immediately see the following:

    • List of the websites that are ranking for it
    • Keyword difficult score
    • Number of searches per month for the keyword on Google
    • When it comes to the domain analysis, you can easily do this per country, which is very helpful as well. 

    Rank Tracking

    Semrush Rank Tracking

    Rank tracking is the process of monitoring how the website performs in all the search engine website. Setting this up in Semrush is easy as all you have to do is position the tracker section and enter the domain name and keyword that you want to track. Once done, you will get a report showing how your website is ranking using those specific keywords. 

    You may also enter the website of your competitor, which will let you compare how yours is performing using your chosen keywords against those of your competitors. You’ll be able to monitor all the progress of your website as time goes on, which will then help you know how your website is performing. Regular updates will be sent to your email about your rank tracking progress. 

    Backlink Audits

    Semrush Backlink Audits

    Backlink audits’s purpose is to help establish the backlinks’ toxicity and helping you determine its overall health. During the audit, Semrush will comply a list of links that it thinks are spam, thus giving you the chance to review them. They will usually be uploaded as “disavow” file.

    The audits will tell Google to ignore these links because poor quality links can get your site penalized by Google. Disavowing bad links can have a huge impact on your web search rankings. 

    Backlink Analysis

    Semrush Backlink Analysis

    How your site performs in search result will depend on how many backlinks you have. There are two different different ways to looking on backlink, first is by backlink audit and second is the backlink analysis.

    Semrush’s Backlink Analytics will help you enter a domain name and view all the backlinks that it can find. You can use this tool to view the following:

    • IP addresses of the backlinks and its information
    • Top level domain distributions, such as how many .gov, .org, .com there are
    • Anchor textx used for every backlink

    All the information is provided to you and will help you see when a domain has lost or gained backlinks, together with the link’s value. You can use all these information to enhance your SEO efforts and as well as gain insights to your competitor’s website. 

    Semrush Link Building 

    Semrush Link Building 

    One of the features of Semrush that stands out is Link Building, which is the process of getting sites linking to your website. It is important to the success of every SEO project since search engines will usually reward websites with links pointing to them that has high positions in search results. 

    The link building will work by:

    • Asking you for the keywords that you want to rank
    • Examining all the content of your website
    • Determining your competitors and what they are ranking for
    • Once done, it will surface a list of prospect sites that it thinks are worth it to approach for guest post or backlink opportunity. 
    • Besides that, it will also help you connect your mailbox to Semrush and assist in sending outreach emails from within this tool. 

    Broken Link Building

    Semrush Broken Link Building

    Another important SEO tactic is broken link building. It involves searching for any broken link or links that leads to nowhere to be recreated and use it to point to your website instead. 

    This approach will let you build new backlinks to your content, and the more backlinks pointing to your website, the better your content will perform in search engines.

    You can use this feature by running a backlink analysis report, navigate to indexed pages section, click on target errors, and export all the results to a CSV file or Excel. You can filter or sort the file to identify all 404 errors. 

    Site Auditing

    Semrush Site Auditing

    Site auditing acts by looking out for issues that can cause negative effects on your website’s website ranking, including the following issues:

    • Overuse of keywords
    • Missing headers
    • Crawl errors
    • SSL problems
    • Duplicate content

    Slow-loading Content

    This feature will provide you with a list of issues and will let you export tasks to the Trello or use another project management tool to send to another one. 

    I specifically like the on-page SEO checker, which will scan the entire site and provide you with tips for the improvement for each of the page. Some of the suggestions may include:

    • Internal linking strategies
    • Length of content
    • Sites to approach for backlinks
    • How you can improve the body copy and the meta description
    • Steps to take to make your pahe appear as a featured snippet in Google
    • Keywords to add

    Pricing and Value for Money

    Compared to other kinds of tools, Semrush can be very expensive. But this is very understandable because you are not only paying for its functionality, but also for accessing a huge quantity of data, including competitor intelligence.

    Here are the three Semrush plans:

    • Pro Plan: $199.95/month
    • Guru Plan: $229.95/month
    • Business Plan: $449.95/month

    You can also get a custom version of Semrush, which lets corporate customers to make their own bespoke plans. Of course, before committing for a paid plan and for a long period of time, it would be best to try out the 7 days. 

    When it comes to the length of the trial offered by its competitors, it’s actually better than that of Ahrefs because what they are offering is a paid 7 day trial. But Moz’s is offering a 30 day FREE trial. 

    In order for you to avail of the trial, you will have to enter your credit card details. This may be a common practice but it can be annoying and concerning for some.

    The fees of Semrush are comparable to Majestic, Ahrefs, and Moz, though Majestic offers a lower monthly plan at $49/month but has less functional than the others. 

    Are There Semrush Trial Versions

    If you want to try out Semrush first, they offer two types of trial to choose from. These trials will help you determine if you will find this tool useful for you and your business.

    Here are the Semrush trials and the features that you’ll be able to enjoy:

    Pro Trial

    • Create 3 projects
    • Technical optimization insights, audit and crawl 100,000 pages
    • Get on page insights, content templates and SEO ideas for up to 10 keywords
    • Conduct link building
    • Track up to 500 keywords
    • Research keywords
    • Manage social campaigns 
    • Analyze a competitor’s strategy, including backlinks, ads, and keywords

    Guru Trial

    • Get a total of 15 projects
    • Enjoy content marketing platform, including brand reputation monitoring, content optimization on-the-go, topic research, and content edit
    • Higher limit of keywords that you can track – 1,500
    • With higher limit of pages to audit and crawl – 300,000
    • Ability to make branded PDF reports
    • Get the Ability to track keyword cannibalization
    • Ability to track keyword positions across different locations and devices, while also identifying keyword cannibalization
    • Access to historical data


    Semrush is a good tool if you want to monitor your website’s status and overall health. It has a good monthly subscription, so you don’t really have to worry about putting your money to waste because that fees are worth it especially if it’s for your website and your business. 

    Hit that free trial button now that you know what is Semrush and check out the wonders that your website has with Semrush. 

    Creating A Sales Machine

    Creating A Sales Machine

    Now we come to the part you have been anticipating!

    monetizing your business. We want to take the shortest path to turn the list and a good relationship with our audience into six-figure revenue. The best way to do this is by creating your own products or partnering with content creators who fill a key, in-demand niche.

    This way you control the quality of the information you produce in addition to controlling the list and how you engage with your audience. What you will be doing is building a ‘funnel' that includes are variety of products at various price points to engage your audience at wherever they are most likely to commit financially.

    The process begins with the freebie and graduates successively through a series of higher and higher-priced products. As your audience continues to get to know and trust you more, they will commit to purchasing these products.

    At any one time, you will have a group of devoted followers who truly respond to your content. This group is worth gold. In the coming part I will show you exactly how this funnel works.

    For now, check out five examples of how easy it can be to achieve your financial goal of 6-figure income:

    The process can be simple. The best part is that you can start right now and very quickly build a successful Internet business. I will show you exactly how to take consistent, month-by-month steps to improve conversions, get more and more traffic, and add products to your funnel. Some of my students have used the exact same funnel you are about to learn to build million-dollar Internet businesses.

    They didn't have any special skills or expertise. Neither did when I got started. Literally, anyone can do this… even YOU. So, I hope you're excited and ready to take action!

    Let's learn everything we need to know about a funnel…


    ​​​​Is Webflow Good For SEO?

    ​​​​Is Webflow Good For SEO?

    You’re probably here because you’re planning on building a website, and your goal is to get high traffic for it. This may not be the top priority for some, but most probably, later on, you would want people checking out your website for different reasons. It can be because it’s a business website or you’ve built a portfolio of your work for whatever purposes.

    While some websites may seem to take off that easily, but the truth is, they’ve put a lot of effort into getting the traffic that they need. This can usually be achieved by using different marketing strategies, including email, paid, social media, and SEO.

    SEO is one of the most popular ways to increase traffic to your website. But besides SEO, the platform on where you built your website can also impact how your SEO will perform. One of the platforms that we checked is Webflow, and we will be talking more about it below.

    What Is SEO

    SEO is an abbreviation for search engine optimization, wherein this marketing channel is focused on getting traffic from different search engines and later on converting them into sales or views.

    When you’re searching on any search engine, like Google or Bing, the site brings a list of relevant websites to the terms you’re searching. These websites are SEO-rich, so they are on the top page or at least the first page.

    For instance, if you have an aquarium business in the UK, you want your website to appear once people start searching for “aquariums in the UK.”

    Is Webflow Really Good For SEO

    Like other platforms, Webflow is good for SEO, wherein it will let you update certain factors to help impact SEO. It will also allow you to create an automated sitemap, edit alt tags and metadata. You can do all of these without installing any plug-ins, which is why many people are using this platform.

    One of the best things about Webflow is that it is one of the few site builder platforms that follow standard coding practices. There is minimal coding involved, wherein the search engines can easily understand all the information on your website. Webflow makes sure to avoid using too many codes because it can cause pages to load slower, impacting your rank negatively.

    Webflow is one of the best options today if you want to build a website. This will let you have a responsive design and is already coded under the industry practices, so you don’t have to worry about anything anymore. Besides all these, Webflow also has different built-in tools to help adjust the level of SEO that your website needs.


    Tips For Your Site To Appear Using Specific Keywords

    There are three factors to SEO, which include link building, content, and technical. Below are their respective SEO definition:

    • Link Building

    Link building is a network of mentions that are reputable around the internet. This is where these search engines can help verify that you are a respected and valid source of information.

    • Content

    Content is another essential factor when it comes to SEO. You need to make sure that you have great content to help talk about or answer different topics that people may search for.

    • Technical

    Technical is making sure that your website is built perfectly for every search engine today. You need to make sure that they can access all the information on your website and understand your target audience. This can help drive sales and views to your website, so make sure that it is built in the right way.

    Things To Do With Webflow To Help Optimize For Searches

    Responsive Design

    Webflow is built perfectly for responsive design. It is mobile-friendly and can provide an excellent experience for everyone by giving everyone the same functionality and content from different devices.

    Optimizing URLs & Meta Titles

    With Webflow, you can also optimize your URLs, meta titles, and even descriptions to help your website and other pages rank at every search engine's first page. You need to make sure that you are focused on the phrase or keyword while also staying on your topic.

    With this benefit from Webflow, you have the ability to automate your titles’ definition and description using all the fields in the collections.

    Use Robots.txt File

    Webflow will let you access the robots.txt file of your Website via SEO settings. This will give instructions to these robots so they can go through websites, including Google. This function will also have the ability to do a no-index page, which is a way for Google to avoid crawling to your website's different areas.

    Staging Domain

    Webflow will automatically provide you with a staging domain and a subdomain for every version of your website. This will give you an exact copy of the website that you have but using a different URL. This will let you try new designs or publish almost anything, but be wary because Google can still see this.


    The above information, it goes to show how Webflow is good for SEO. It has everything you need to create a website with added features convenient for you to use and rank on search engine websites.

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