Online Business

    Creating Content for Your Social Media Campaign with Canva

    Canva allows you to create content that fits the screen, offers template to start easily with a brand kit to help create consistent projects.

    Canva Tools That Will Help You Design Better

    Canva’s brand kit, color wheel and background removal tools make designing easier than ever.

    Building A Relationship: People like to do business with those they KNOW and TRUST.

    Higher conversion rates on offers to your existing audience (list) are proven. Conversion rates through advertisements to ‘cold' prospects will always underperform in comparison. This is why it is imperative that you establish a quality relationship with your audience.

    Wise Business Account: All You Need To Know

    Wise, formerly known as Transferwise, also offers business account for businesses that often transfer money abroad. Whether you have heard of Wise business account or are planning to open one, knowing what’s in store for you would be ideal.

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