Creating A Sales Machine

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    Now we come to the part you have been anticipating!

    monetizing your business. We want to take the shortest path to turn the list and a good relationship with our audience into six-figure revenue. The best way to do this is by creating your own products or partnering with content creators who fill a key, in-demand niche.

    This way you control the quality of the information you produce in addition to controlling the list and how you engage with your audience. What you will be doing is building a ‘funnel' that includes are variety of products at various price points to engage your audience at wherever they are most likely to commit financially.

    The process begins with the freebie and graduates successively through a series of higher and higher-priced products. As your audience continues to get to know and trust you more, they will commit to purchasing these products.

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    At any one time, you will have a group of devoted followers who truly respond to your content. This group is worth gold. In the coming part I will show you exactly how this funnel works.

    For now, check out five examples of how easy it can be to achieve your financial goal of 6-figure income:

    The process can be simple. The best part is that you can start right now and very quickly build a successful Internet business. I will show you exactly how to take consistent, month-by-month steps to improve conversions, get more and more traffic, and add products to your funnel. Some of my students have used the exact same funnel you are about to learn to build million-dollar Internet businesses.

    They didn't have any special skills or expertise. Neither did when I got started. Literally, anyone can do this… even YOU. So, I hope you're excited and ready to take action!

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    Let's learn everything we need to know about a funnel…


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