Elfsight Review 2021: Can Widgets Help Your Business

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    No matter what time of business or industry you are in, it will take a while for you to get noticed online. But, in this day and age, and with the pandemic and the practice of social distancing, more and more people are turning to social media and the internet to find businesses like the one that you have. User reviews and ratings from your past clients and customers are some of the best ways to help boost traffic and increase sales. 

    Of course, you need to ensure that you have the confidence for your business to succeed with the services or products that you provide. That will also reflect in the reviews from your satisfied customers and clients that they will be leaving on your site. 

    But in order for you to get the reviews to be seen by your prospective buyers, you need to have a widget that can do all that. Elfsight can do just that, as widgets can help businesses to harness their powers online by choosing a tool that can help these reviews be available in just one place. 

    Let’s talk more about Elfsight Review and how the widgets can help with your business.

    What Are Elfsight Review Widgets 

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    Elfsight Review Widgets

    Elfsight widgets can help manage all your online reviews that are usually posted in different places on your website. It will link the reviews on your business directly on the official page to make sure that every information is accurate and is available on different platforms. This will also let you respond to reviews while letting your clients and customers faster way and engage with them on a deeper level. 

    Have you ever tried visiting a website for any services or products and noticed that the reviews are piled up in just one place? If yes, then they are most probably using Elfsight review widgets

    What Type of Businesses Use Elfsight

    The good news is, all kinds of businesses are using Elfsight. As of this writing, there are now over 305,000 customers who are using Elfsight to help boost their online credibility and presence. If you are relying on customer reviews in just any capacity, you can always use Elfsight.

    How Does Elfsight Work

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    Elfsight can work with over 20 websites where both clients and customers can leave reviews, including well-known review sources, including Yelp, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and lesser known places, including OpenTable, Booking.com, Etsy, and a whole lot more.

    Effsight is a widget, which means that it won’t work just by coding which means that it is simpler to use. It will actually take you less than a minute to uninstall and start using the widget. It is supported by almost 99.9% of websites and has a satisfaction rating from customers/users of 97%.

    Select the Right Widget

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    The first thing that you need to do is to select the right widget for your task. Generate leads, boost conversions, and increase visitor engagement by providing customer support and a good growth of social followers. 

    Set Up & Adjust

    Without the need to code, you can easily customize the widget with the help of the intuitive editor. Embed the customized widget to your website and it will be rolling in a matter of seconds. 

    Analyze the Efficiency

    Once done, you can now monitor the metrics of your widget and check how it’s doing. You can see its true importance to your website.

    Here is a closer look at how Elfsight Review works:

    Maximize SEO

    Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most common ways and best ways to help drive traffic to a website by making it rank high in SEO, including Google. Getting your business to rank higher in the searches is definitely important. 

    Customer reviews are also content and they contain certain keywords. The more times these keywords are mentioned in Google, the higher the chance that your website will rank higher. Elfsight will help compile all of the reviews in just one place so your customers can easily see and read them. 

    Elfsight SEO

    Increasing Credibility

    One of the best ways to increase the credibility of your business is by letting all unbiased customers talk with each other. This can be achieved through different reviews. The majority of the businesses today spend time trying to engage with their customers through social media and that’s great. But social media posts are starting to get fleet, the reviews will remain indefinitely and can contribute to your overall rating.

    Once your SEO is improved and you are starting to see traffic on your website, your potential customers may rely on your previous customers so they can tell them every experienced that they have with your business. Of course, you know that your reviews are positively overwhelming, but with Elfsight widgets, other people can see those as well. 

    Respond and Engage

    Elfsight will let both business owners or other team members to engage with the people who have left reviews on your services and products. In the internet’s impersonal world, people love to immediately get personal responses to their respective feedback. With the Elfsight widget, you can quickly thank the customers for their great reviews and express amazing pleasure at all their positive experiences. 

    Of course, you can also address any negative reviews quickly and attempt to shed some light on a person’s poor experiences. Responding to reviews, even if they are negative, will show future clients that you care about the experiences and that you are willing to accommodate them if things go wrong. 

    Saves Time & Money

    If you have someone who manages your website page or social media page and who monitors reviews from your customers, then you are lucky. Your manager might have to create profiles and other login accounts to check all of these platforms. This can be a huge problem since it entails a lot of risks since all these profiles need to represent your brand. 

    The response time can also be a huge problem, thus allowing for the negative reviews to be seen without getting any responses from you. You might also miss a few reviews monthly, and as a business owner, you surely don’t want that to happen. 

    With Elflight review widgets, the process will definitely be streamlined. This will help save time and money because you no longer have to let your staff work on your site adding extra hours. This will also help save money on your endeavors which can then create great opportunities and reach a greater audience. 

    Other Elfsight Widgets

    No Coding with Elfsight

    Here are some of the Elfsight widgets that you can embed on your website besides the review widget:

    Elfsight Social Media Widgets

    You can embed content from your social media accounts to your business.  Embed continued from Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and as well as other websites. This will help clients and customers to see the updates on your social media accounts.

    Elfsight Chat Widgets

    Your visitors can chat with your or your staff through their favorite messaging app, including WhatsApp and Facebook. A small widget will pop up at the corner of your website and your clients and customers can easily click on that widget for any inquiries and such.

    Elfsight Form Widgets

    You can also create a diversity of forms, including questionnaire, quiz, survey, feedback, and contact forms on your website. Elfsight form will help you provide surveys for your clients and customers, while also let them leave feedback about your business. 

    Elfsight From Tools

    You can meet any challenges on your website with a huge diversity of ready solutions from Elfsight. This will help you save time and money in the long run. 

    Comprehensive Guide to Elfsight

    Elfsight for your business

    Now, if you think that Elfsight is the one for you, then here is a comprehensive guide that you should know about. This will help you navigate through the tool easily and conveniently. 


    The dashboard contains complete information about all your transactions and installs. It will also show the apps that you are using and where they are specifically installed and the total fee daily. The service will calculate how many days there are left before you spend your current balance. This will help control all your charges, which is a good way to watch your spending and balance. 

    In any case that your balance is almost red, you can always make a deposit, by clicking the Make Deposit button and you will be redirected to the appropriate page. 

    Make A Deposit

    You can make a deposit from the Make Deposit page with the help of your PayPal account. Choose your preferred deposit and Elfsight will show you their services and how many days you’re using them based on the actual fee. Almost every deposit will provide you an additional credit of up to 25%. The durations are limited and it will usually depend on the deposited amount. 

    Once you register, you will also be getting a $5 bonus with a duration of 14 days or two weeks. The bonus will expire whether you deposited an amount or not. But all of your widgets will always stay in the admin panel of Elfsight. You can renew your balance at any time and the widgets will work continuously for you. 


    In this section, you will find the list of Elfsight applications that are currently available. You can also check any products and create the widget, so you can finally manage and install the apps in your preferred place. This section will also show you what your daily expenses for each of the product that you have and how many sites and widgets you set up.


    If in any case, you need help, the support page will surely come in handy. You will find every contact and term here for the most effective and fastest support from Elfsight team. 


    Elfsight always wants to provide you with nothing but the best experience available and your feedback is all welcome to them. All you have to do is to answer the survey so they know what you like and the things that need to be changed. 

    After completing the form, you will be getting a $1 credit.

    Available Power-Ups

    One of the most important things with Elfsight service is to customers and install all the applications needed. All you have to do is to go to the application section and decide which app you would like to use for your website. You can also click on the Create Widget if you prefer to customize one for your business. Here are three of the plugins that you will need at Elfsight:

    • InstaLink –  Price is at $0.07/day
    • The InstaLink is an Instagram widget that can help promote all your social profiles on your website.
    • Yottie – Price is at $0/09/day
    • The Yottie is a YouTube channel plugin that can help show numerous videos on any playlist and channel. 
    • InstaShow – Price is at $0.09/day

    The InstaShow is for your Instagram feed that adds photos that are eye-catching and engaging for your audience. Once you have chosen your preferred widget, you can customize it the way you want. All the apps are flexible and responsive, so selecting parameters are possible. Apply any adjustments and don’t forget to click on the Save button. 

    Enter the website’s domain where you will use the application. Set the UERL and get a code since you will be needing it during the installation on your website. The last step would be copying the HTML code that will pop up after setting up the URL. If you encounter any issues during the installation, Elfsight is offering a free installation service. 


    Elfsight is a good widget for your business, which will ensure that you can communicate with your clients and customers easily. The widgets will make it easier for everyone to check all the information that you want to share, including updates and reviews. 

    Subscribe to Elfsight today and start installing the widgets on your website.

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