How to Take Productivity To The Next Level With Shift

The Shift app enables you to give your productivity a significant boost. Working from home and hybrid work models have added a new layer of complexity to business management. With people working from different places, coordination and communication require skill and an app that’s easy to use.

Fortunately, the Shift app meets the criteria. Below, we highlight why the app is worth using and how to use it right:

Everything in One Place

The average worker with a computer-based job typically has to operate a variety of apps and software platforms simultaneously. This can be very distracting, and having to juggle multiple applications and programs can cause a loss in productivity.

The Shift app counters this by enabling users to control their professional and personal apps from one convenient platform.

Teamwork Made Easy

The Shift app offers a solution that both individual employees and teams of coworkers can count on.

The app is designed with efficiency in mind and enables smooth communication. Whether team members are working in the same building or in different cities, they can easily stay in contact with each other. Information-sharing and updating other members can be done easily.

The Features You’ll Love

The Shift app has plenty of features that set it apart from similar productivity apps. Here’s a closer look:

A Better Email Experience

The Shift app lets users connect all their email accounts to it so switching between different inboxes becomes a hassle-free experience. Connect all your email accounts to the app, and forget about missing an email ever again.

Support for Web Apps and Useful Tools

Whether you use Grammarly to keep your written communication in check or Evernote to organize your notes, you’ll be happy to learn these tools—and others—are supported by the Shift app.

Built-in Browser for Focused Usage

The Shift app has its very own browser with focused web tabs so that you can browse the internet without distractions. No more getting sidetracked while working.

Social Media Support

Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp are just a few of the social apps that are supported by Shift. If you use them for business, you can conveniently access them through the Shift app.

Works Perfectly with Google

The Shift app supports all of Google services. You can sync your calendar and drive with Shift and you won’t need to open them separately again.

Summing it Up

The Shift app is ideal for anyone looking to seriously improve their productivity. Give it a shot and prepare to be impressed by all of its exciting features.

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