SiteGround Review 2021: Is This Web Hosting Platform For You

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    We have tested several web hosts, and with every test we did, SiteGround is currently the best when it comes to value and speed. Amazingly, they made sure to rise to compete with the giants in the industry, considering that they are a company that was founded by just a few friends working in their university dorm rooms during 2004 in Bulgaria. This article will give you an accurate SiteGround review in 2021 that you need to convince you to subscribe.

    There maybe a lot of web hosting platform today, but there are a lot of reasons why SiteGround stands out. In this review, we are going to talk about everything about this web hosting platform and the reason why this may be just the one for you. 

    What Is SiteGround

    SiteGround Review

    SiteGround is a company launched in 2004 in Bulgaria by university students. Since then, it has steadily grow is now home to more than 500 employees and almost 2 million domains. They have a support team that’s available 24/7 every day year. According to their site, they have a highly loading speed and they promise to provide numerous benefits for their users. SiteGround also offers an unbeatable service that is perfect for serious projects and if you need more amazing performance. You can always upgrade to their premium hosting plan, which is recommended for the following:

    • Large corporate websites
    • Websites that run on WordPress
    • Professional bloggers
    • Online stores
    • Designers and developers that want good support and quality
    • People who are looking for features, including SSH access, Git repositories, and staging
    • Anything that will need high-performance solutions

    SiteGround Prices

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    StartUp – $4.99/month, includes the following:

    • 1 Website
    • 10 GB Web space
    • 10,000 Visits monthly
    • Free SSL
    • Unmetered traffic
    • Free CDN
    • Free email
    • Daily backup
    • Out of the box caching
    • Managed WordPress
    • Unlimited database
    • 100% renewable energy match
    • 30-day money back guarantee

    GrowBig – $7.99/month, includes the following:

    • Unlimited websites
    • 20 GB Web space
    • 25,000 Visits monthly
    • Free SSL
    • Unmetered traffic
    • Daily Backup
    • Free email
    • Free CDN
    • Managed WordPress
    • Unlimited Databases
    • Out of the box Caching
    • 100% renewable energy match
    • 30-day money back guarantee

    Additional features include:

    • Add collaborators
    • Staging
    • Ultrafast PHP
    • On-demand backup copies

    GoGeek – $14.99/month, includes the following

    • Unlimited websites
    • 40 GB web space
    • 100,000 Visits monthly
    • Unmetered traffic
    • Daily backup
    • Free SSL
    • Free email
    • Free CDN
    • Managed WordPress
    • Out of the box caching
    • Unlimited databases
    • 100% renewable energy match
    • 30-days money back guarantee
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    Additional features include:

    • Priority support
    • Highest tier of resources
    • White-label clients
    • Add collaborators
    • Staging + Git
    • Ultrafast PHP
    • On-demand backup copies
    • Specifications of SiteGround

    Ease of Use

    SiteGround is very easy to follow. It is intuitive enough and that you won’t get lost in any subpages or pages.The hosting is being administer with their own visual interface which can be customized to ensure that it will adapt to your needs The backend looks modern and has been resigned completely in 2019. 

    Domain Names

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    SiteGround will let you make unlimited sub-domains. While you can add more than one domain name, keep in mind that you can only create just one website with StartUp plan. You can get an unlimited sub-domains with the other two plans available in SiteGround. 

    They will also let you install your websites on the free subdomain, which may come very handy when you are testing sites. 

    Email Rating

    SiteGround also offers unlimited email accounts, which you can connect to other services, including Gmail. Space limit per email account is 2GB for StartUp, 4GB for GrowBig, and 6GB for GoGeek.


    You can create as much databases as you please, but with a maximum size of 500 MB for the StartUp plan, 750 MB for GoBig, and 1000 MB for the GoGeek plan. If you need more you may opt for cloud hosting, which is already unlimited. You will also be able to use both PostgreSQL and MySQL.


    You can use SiteGround interface to install different apps including ZenCart, Moodle, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, WordPress and more. The process of installation is straightforward and will only take a few minutes for everything to finish installing. 

    Webspace Limit

    StartUp plan comes with a total of 10 GB webspace. The GrowBig package has a total of 20 GB and 300.000 nodes, while the Gogeek has a total of 40 GB and 450.000 nodes of webspace. The nodes count is similar to the total files hosted in each account. 

    Monthly Data Transfer Limit

    • There are no data transfer limit, so you can enjoy using it for as long as you want. 
    • Secure FTP and FTP Accounts
    • SFTP and SSH connections are possible, and you can create FTP accounts for as many as you can.
    • Server Location

    SiteGround have several data centers across four different continents including Sydney, Singapore, London, The Netherlands, Frankfurt, and Iowa. 

    SiteGround Interface

    Security Features

    SiteGround has the ability to isolate all of your accounts so you won’t get affected if your IP neighbor is vulnerable. You can use the Let’s Encrypt so you can add the SSL encryption in any of the SiteGround plan that you’re going to choose. Also, you can enable the 2-factor identification to provide an extra security to your account.

    Server Speed

    SiteGround is known to use high-speed SSD disks, which is faster than some of the web hosting platforms today. Every SiteGround plans offer a caching system for your dynamic content, thus improving the speed of the platform. Loading time is also fantastic with SiteGround.


    SiteGround servers also offer an amazing availability. In fact, they can return a part of your monthly subscription fee if if’s just under 99.9%. In my years of uptime testing, SiteGround never went 99.97%.


    SiteGround also makes daily backups. In fact, you can request for them o restore a month of files in case of emergency. With both he GrowBig and GoGeek plan, you will surely have the option for accessing and creating your very own backups.


    CDN may not be included in any of the plan, you can integrate CloudFlare in just one click. Fortunately for everyone, CloudFare is free for any plan.

    Server Features

    SiteGround uses PHP, which you can choose from PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1,  7.2, 7.3, and 7.4. The highest plan will let you use the faster version of the PHP, which is called the Ultrafast. You can also use both PostgreSQL and MySQL to manage your databases. In the shared hosting, you can have a memory limit of PHP 768M. Now, if you need more, you will need to get a dedicated hosting or a cloud. 

    Refunds and Guarantees

    SiteGround promises to deliver up to 99.9% uptime and they will be compensating you financially if they don’t meet their promise. They also have a 30-day refund guarantee.

    Support and Assistance

    You can contact SiteGround for any inquiry and issues via email, phone, and live chat. When it comes to our support, our experience is positive. They have a lot of support materials that can easily be followed, everything is detailed so it’s not that hard to understand. 

    Web Hosting Essentials at SiteGround

    SiteGround Dashboard

    Ultra-Fast Sites

    SiteGround is a hosting platform that is built on Google Cloud and uses its amazingly ultra-fast network and as well as SSD persistent storage. They added their very own server setup with different custom speed optimization. 

    Top Notch Security

    They manage the security of every site at their server and as well as the application level. They also offer a free Let’s Encrypt SSL, which will keep your data backups and daily data safe, which will ensure everyone’s peace of mind. 

    Managed WordPress

    All of the SiteGround plans include a WordPress installation. They have a fast and easy WP Starter site-building wizard and as well as a managed auto-updates of the core plug-ins, and software. SiteGround also offer an expert support for WordPress. 

    Easy Site Management

    You can easily manage your website that’s built on Content Management Systems, including WordPress, Joomla and more. You can get started using SiteGround friendly tools with features that will help you save effort and time. 

    Domain Management

    Client of SiteGround can enjoy the convenience of managing both website and domain in the same place. They offer an affordable domain registration and as well as DNS services, friendly domain management panels, and transfer services. There are other services that they offer to help with domain management. 

    Email Service

    SiteGround lets their clients to create unlimited number of emails using your own domain and check them from anywhere using their webmail clients. They have added the SpamExperts to help protect everyone from SPAM.

    Why You Should Opt For SiteGround

    Loads Your Site Faster

    Whether you are new or not to web hosting, understanding that speed is one of the most important aspects of your website is important. According to a research from “thinkwithgoogle”, your site should load in under 1 second because users may bounce off your website if they need to wait for at least 3 second. 

    SiteGround understands this, that’s why they make sure that their web pages maintain their speed with the use of SSD. SSD is basically a hard drive that can help deliver data for up to 30% faster than regular HDDs.

    They are using strategic software deployment to make sure that the site will load faster, while staying quick and snappy every single time. Cloudfare is used to help improve the delivery of the content from all over the world. When your website loads faster, your visitors are happy, thus helping your site rank better on search engine. 

    Quick Server Response

    SiteGround has a quick servicer response time, which means that it will only take second to deliver content to the screen no matter where you are in the world. 

    SiteGround has different data center and the nearest your location is, the quicker the server response will be. But this doesn’t mean that only those who are closest will reap the benefit, because based on our studies, even the ones behind can keep up with the response of the server. 

    Amazing Uptime

    SiteGround has a great uptime since the year 2014, wherein they have an UptimeRobot that will check your website every 5 minutes got ensure that everything is working smoothly. The reason behind this is because SiteGround is using their own technology and solution to avoid and reduce any downtimes. 

    SiteGround Platform

    Here are some of the technology and solutions that they are using:

    1. Using Secure Isolation Account Technology

    SiteGround found a way to isolate effectively a CHROOT accounts on any shared servers, which is something that other web hosting platform thought was impossible. Using this technology will ensure that each account will only work in their respective instance, while increasing server stability.

    2. Anti-Bot AI

    To help fight any brute force attack from bots, SiteGround made an Artificial Intelligence solution which is effective enough to stop a maximum of 2,000,000 brute force attack every hour all over the servers. This will help protect your data and your site. 

    3. Pro-Active Server Monitoring System

    SiteGround created an in-house server monitoring system, which will not only detect and start fixing currently problems but as well as the ability to foresee any future complications. They will also tale measures to ensure that these issues are avoided. 

    4. Linux Container

    SiteGround built their platform with the use of an efficient resource LXC or Linux Containers Technology. This is stable even during unexpected surges. 

    How Trustworthy Is SiteGround

    SiteGround is known to be hosting at least 200,000 domains while making their website owners less stressed by definitely more happier and productive. They are humbled and honored to receive amazing feedback from their customers on a daily basis. In fact, their customer satisfaction has increase to 98% and is increasing every single year for the past five days. 


    SiteGround is a good web hosting platform for people who are just starting up or people who are planning on switching their platform to another. Check out their prices above to see which one suits your budget.

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