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How to Pair Cigars and Alcohol

The cigar has long been viewed as a luxury of the rich and powerful. Images of well-to-do men puffing on a stogie and swirling a glass of good brandy have

There is a proper way for that cigar!

Cigar smoking may be a less encouraged act but if you just love it and cannot stop it, all you have to do is to do it in a proper

When do cigars really taste good?

Cigars 101: An Overview of Cigars Stogies have long been connected with the abundant and effective, with relaxation and abundant taste. Cigar enthusiasts have produced a culture around the art

How to buy a good cigar

The Parts of a Cigar What are the different parts of a cigar? Lots of veteran cigarette smokers enjoy their stogies without discovering the standard parts of their cigar. While