Take Your Website to The Next Level with Elfsight

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    Take Your Website to The Next Level with Elfsight

    A common mistake made by various designers and businesses is going with dull website that’s mostly text and images. While the standard formula can help create an effective website, widgets allow the designers to add an unprecedented level of functionality to your website. 

    The most commonly used application for this is Elfsight, which has a plethora of widgets that businesses are using to promote their products and services in unique ways.

    Instagram Feed

    Instagram’s popularity in recent years has been soaring far and wide among image-focused social media platforms. With its new marketplace-like features, it’s a great way of generating revenue by using eye-catching images to hook customers in. Rather than add a link to your Instagram that people might not even open, add your feed onto your website. 

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    Instagram feed on phone. Image filename- instagram-feed-phone

    Users can easily interact and scroll through the feed with the Elfsight Instagram Feed plugin, which can take them onto your Instagram page. More views mean better engagement stats, eventually leading to more sales overall.

    All-In-One Reviews

    How do people decide that a product or service is worth buying? Reviews. And not just word of mouth from a paid influencer, but real people with actual experiences across different platforms. Instead of making people do some sleuthing on multiple websites, use the all-in-one reviews widget which brings in reviews from across different sites. 

    User writing a review Image filename: User writing a review.

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    It also comes with a convenient “write a review” button, which can captivate your recent customers to leave behind honest feedback on your product or service.

    All-In-One Chat

    Many people shirk away from acquiring a service or a product because they don’t receive the complete information they need from its page. While you can’t add every bit of info about something on a page, you can always cater to your potential customer’s query. Elfsight’s all in one chat feature makes that job easier than ever.

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    They can reach out to you on your platform of choice in a few clicks, streamlining the conversation between you two. Users are more likely to purchase a product when they speak to a real human about it.

    At Urban Pixel, we curate a variety of content on affiliate marketing, SEO and the applications that help make your websites and marketing campaigns more effective and appealing. From guides, reviews to recommendations, you can find all you need on our website.

    Elfsight’s Instagram Feed, All-In-One Reviews and All-In-One Chat widgets can make your website excellent.

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