Why Websites Can’t Survive Without SEO

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    SEO started off as the typical industry buzzword and many assumed it would fade away into obscurity in a few years. Come 2021, it’s one of the most heavily sought-after service, with search engines heavily outlining its strategies to help people adopt it for a better and more efficient searching process.

    From outsourcing companies, off the shelf tools and dedicated businesses to help other businesses grow, SEO is a complete entity and a viable business that many are taking full-on. Now, businesses will fall behind and take a hit if they don’t adopt search engine optimization strategies. Here’s why:

    It Helps Earn More Traffic

    There are an estimated 1.7 billion websites on the internet. How does one manage to find a particular website, product or service among them if they don’t have an exact address? How does the search engine narrow down from its database to retrieve only those pages that are relevant to your search?

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    SEO. It defines the metrics that you need to focus on to be picked up by the search engine as the appropriate result for a query on the internet. Ideally, if your website’s SEO is strong, you’re more likely to generate more traffic as the search engine will refer it to a larger number of people.

    Better User Experience

    SEO isn’t entirely about keywords, and search engines like Google also focus on a variety of on-site factors that help make the user experience better. Page load speeds, mobile-friendliness and the kind of links used on the page and across the content all contribute to better rankings on the search engine.

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    With more people using phones than ever, it’s essential to have a website that can easily be viewed over a 6’’ phone screen. Similarly, if you’ve got long loading times, expect a higher bounce rate, which Google certainly doesn’t like.

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    Staying Competitive

    As previously stated, SEO is one of the key ways how a website can get some recognition from the search engine, so it’s more than likely that your competitors are onboard with it. You’re all competing for market share and having SEO is bound to get more eyes on you.

    To stay relevant and compete and against others, you’ll have to incorporate search engine optimization on your keywords as well as your on-site elements for the best results.

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    Developing Credibility

    A common strategy that businesses are now utilizing is developing blogs on their websites that provide insightful content. These blogs are packed with useful internal and external links. Firstly, they generate traffic to your webpages that are of interest to your general demographic. By adding external links, you’ll see ranking improvements as Google or any other search index understands that you regularly point towards credible sources.

    In turn, you’ll be considered a credible source within your niche as well, pushing you from promoting others to advocating for ideas within your industry as well.

    Less Need for Ad Space

    Advertising is without a doubt a powerful industry and the bread and butter for many companies. But it isn’t the most effective solution, especially not from a cost perspective if you’re an up and coming business. Rather than go for a pay per click campaign, which may require a great deal of research to specify and target, you can find yourself ranking right after most PPC pages.

    All you need is a competent SEO campaign which recognizes your services and products as relevant for a search in a specific region and you can practically gain a good audience without spending any more money.
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    Easy to Measure

    How do you measure your success? By numbers, and in the field of SEO, they’re known as Key Performance Indicators or KPIs. SEO has many KPIs, and each of them dictates a different aspect. SEO traffic (organic or through a paid campaign), page views, average time to new content, keyword ranking and domain authority are some of the most commonly focused on KPIs.


    While most campaigns focus on targeting a multitude of KPIs, you can run smaller campaigns if you notice you’re struggling in one particular aspect that’s more crucial to your business.

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