Why You Need A Blog

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    In this article, I’ll discuss one of the most important tools available to successfully create the powerful long-term Internet business you’ve been learning about in this blueprint.

    That tool is the Blog.

    why you need a blog

    Think of a blog as your home base on the Internet. It is a powerful communication portal connecting you to the world. It is a place where you can connect with customers, potential customers and students. It is a destination that allows you to introduce your business and establish authority.

    The blog enables you to integrate social networking, traffic generating tools, and most importantly, it allows you to build your list. It's always employing the proper mix of content, marketing, and monetization to create authority. When you build an authority blog and combine this with a large email list, you have a viable business entity that can be further monetized and sold.

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    What most marketers don't understand is that a blog must have a specific layout and theme that makes it a viable commercial entity. Therefore, how the blog is initially set up and structured is very important to your success. As if there aren't enough pitfalls for most aspiring Internet marketers, the learning curve for successful blogging is sufficiently steep that many newbies and professionals alike are deterred from blogging and miss out on a huge opportunity to create a high-traffic business.

    An authority-style blog layout will enable you to effectively build a list with an ‘opt-in' box to collect email addresses and further introduce customers and potential customers (leads) to your business and the top portion of your sales funnel.

    A properly-established blog requires the following:

    • Web hosting
    • Domain name

    For hosting, I recommend Bluehost because it is one of the most affordable and reliable services available. They also give you a free domain name when you sign up. Bluehost also includes a 1-Click WordPress install, so you can easily install your blogging platform in only a few minutes.

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    Here's a great video on how to start a profitable blog:

    I suggest watching the entire video and completing each step on your own blog as you follow along in the video. That way you can have your blog set up correctly within a few hours, so you can start posting content and getting free traffic.
    Now that you are familiar with the tools of list building and the blog, let's examine how you can effectively build a rock-solid relationship with the new members recently acquired on your list.

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