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Welcome To My Mind

A digital content representation of what I like, sometimes use, recommend, and am interested in.

What to expect

Some of the blog posts are random questions that I heard around the world.


Every culture in the world creates music, and music is made for sharing. The ability to listen to music is a blessing. Enjoy your life by listening to music.


There might be a lot of burgers in this section. Just some recommendations of things from here and there.

Digital Marketing

Through my many years of experience and trying different marketing apps, here are the ones worth your time and money.


Technology when used at its best results breakthroughs. Stay Smart.


The verb to design expresses the process of developing a design. Design better visual content, be the heart of the design.


Whats going on in the world today? My dog? My friends? Updates from the community. Feel free to contact me to feature something of your own.

If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant, or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong.

Masaru Emoto

Some of the blog posts are random questions that I heard around the world.


A digital content representation of what I like, sometimes use, recommend, and am interested in.

Editor's Choice

1 U.S. dollar banknote

Fiat Money Explained

Fiat money is money that a government declares is legal tender. Fiat refers to the government order. It’s from the
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round gold-colored Bitcoin illustration

Can You Get Free Bitcoins?

If you do a search for free bitcoins, you will be deluged with great offers to earn bitcoin by visiting
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woman holding two round gold-colored coins

Bitcoin Misadventures

We learn from our mistakes. In the world of bitcoin, there have been some real doozies of mistakes. Anyone who
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Bitcoin Mining

The images on the internet show bitcoin mining in a form reminiscent of the old gold rush miners, pickaxes digging
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5 Safe Platforms You Can Now Buy Ripple On

Are You Thinking of What Platforms to Buy Ripple on Cheaply and Safely So, you want to buy, hold, or
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Bitcoin Forking

Forking is when the basic protocol of bitcoin has been changed and suddenly the blockchain splits. There is a fork
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gold and black round coin

Bitcoin Cash

The size of the bitcoin block has bothered a number of developers, miners, and others involved in the popular cryptocurrency.
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three gold-colored bitcoins on black surface

Bitcoin – The Basics

Bitcoin is in the news, usually with some startling information about some guy tossing out his old computer for recycling
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black smart watch at 10 00

Benefits Of Digital Currency: People Are Aware Of

There are many benefits of digital currency that most people are not even aware of. The first thing you need
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The Most Important Cryptocurrencies Besides Bitcoin

  Everyone has heard of Bitcoin, even if they don’t fully understand it. There are numerous other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin.
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woman in blue denim jacket

Lighting accessories for portrait photography

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man wearing earphones laughing in front of monitor

How To Make Every Day Your Perfect Day By Raising Your Vibration!

Brainwave entrainment It is one thing that a few people swear it works, a few people think it’s B.S. and
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floating green leaf plant on person's hand

Learn This, and Your Life Will Change Forever!

I’d like you to imagine a garden. In this garden, the soil is always rich with nutrients and what you
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Smart Sticky Note Printer | Works with Alexa | A Day 1 Editions concept

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What is Webflow?

Everyone wants the easier things in life. At this day and age, everything seems to go digital. There’s a lot
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Music can raise your mood, get you excited, or calm and relax you. So, whatever it is to you today, the music allows you to feel nearly every emotion that you have experienced in life.

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
John Doe


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