Canva Tools That Will Help You Design Better

Canva is one of the most sought-after design tools on the market. Available as a web application and a dedicated app for Windows, iOS, and the Apple app store, getting started with Canva is extremely convenient. With a strong, interactive community providing support, you will exactly know why you should use Canva and how it makes the design better. Canva has continually improved with templates and designs that allow you to create unique and captivating designs for your brand:

design-work-computer Image alt text: Design work being done on a computer.

Canva Brand Kit

A common mistake that most new designers and smaller brands make is inconsistent design. While design certainly calls for some change from time to time, specific things like background of images, text and subtitle fonts often stay the same. Brands operate within a certain palette, especially professional ones that focus on clarity.

Design work being done on multiple computers

Canva’s brand kit allows you to save up a palette of the most used colors for your brand, along with a few of your most commonly used fonts. Ensure that you’re using the exact colors and fonts each time for a consistent design across the board.

The Color Wheel

Color is an important element when designing, helping give objects and text a definition among the image and allowing them to stand out. If you’re struggling to pick a color, you can easily shuffle between various types by using the color wheel. Mixing and matching colors has never been easier.

You can also find their hex codes, which makes it simple to always get the correct color.

Background Removal Tool

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How often does it happen that you find an amazing image but there’s something in the background that ruins the entire outlook of the image? Either someone photobombed it or it just doesn’t compliment the foreground really well. In either case, the easiest solution is to remove the background, but anyone that knows a thing or two about editing will say how that’s often too tedious.

Canva Pro has a one-click tool that uses AI to do the job in a few seconds. For more specific edits, you can use the eraser for an excellent result down to the minute details.

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