Making the Most Out of SEMRush

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    SEMRush is one of the most effective SEO tools available on the market. In 2021, having a tool for SEO is a no-brainer, as these can help you stay relevant in the growing market around you. Your competitor is probably on-board with it already, so should you to ensure your business is accessible to your audience.

    Keyword Research

    One of the top features of SEMRush is the keyword research that it helps provide with its organic word search. Simply enter your domain name to find keywords ranked organically. Later on, rather than focus on the top ranked keywords, the goal is to emphasize on the long-tail keywords that you can find on page 2 and beyond in the organic search. These aren’t generating traffic to your site, but with optimization strategy, can be meaningful for your pages.

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    Similarly, look up your competitor and see what keywords they’re utilizing. Remove the branded ones and incorporate the rest in your content.

    Competitor Analysis

    To be a formidable name in the market, you need to trump your opponents. Your opponents are other businesses operating within the same niche. The easiest way to find out who they are is by adding your domain to SEMRush and looking at other pages that are using the keywords that you’re ranking for.

    From here, you can either look at their keywords to understand if they’re actually a competitor or manually go to each website for a better understanding. Using the backlink gap tool, you can get an idea of many of their SEO strategies so you know what to incorporate for your success.

    Link Building Tool

    Link building is an effective feature that helps you find the links that your competitors are using which you might not be referring to on your pages. SEMRush provides a great list of potential prospects with the help of your keywords, your competitor keywords and a search across the database.

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    From there, you can find useful external links to include in your own content.

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